Variation in HIV prevalence in female sex workers in An Giang, Vietnam: what is a representative sample?

10:47' AM - Thursday, 05/11/2009

O'Farrell N, Anh MH, Thuong NV, Nhung VT, Tuan NG, Long NT; International Conference on AIDS (15th : 2004 : Bangkok, Thailand).

Int Conf AIDS. 2004 Jul 11-16; 15: abstract no. WePeC6186.
Pasteur Suite, Ealing Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Objectives: Sex work is illegal in Vietnam and there is little data about HIV prevalence in female sex workers (FSW). This study reports on four studies of HIV prevalence in FSW in An Giang province, witha particular focus on Chau Doc, a border town with Cambodia, and Long Xuyen, the main provincial town. Methods: Data from four HIV surveys in FSWs undetaken in 2002-3 in An Giang province were reviewed. These included the annual National HIV sentinel surveys in June 2002 and June 2003, (survey 1, n= 400, survey 4, n= 403) and two surveys in the Community Action for Preventing HIV Project in April 2002 (survey 2, n= 770) and Jan 2003 (survey 3, n= 300). The different surveys included direct and indirect sex workers and a small number from detention camps. Results: The respective HIV prevalences for surveys 1-4 were, An Giang overall, 16%, 24%, 7% and 14%; Chau Doc, 26% (51/200), 47% (33/70), 6% (6/100) and 21% (42/200); Long Xuyen, 7% (14/200), 18% (36/200), 11% (9/80) and 7% (15/203). Conclusions: The prevalence of HIV varied significantly depending on when and where samples were taken. This variation reflects a wide spectrum of sex work with differing risks. The high prevalence in Chau Doc in 2002 was thought to be due to an influx of Vietnamese sex workers repatriated temporarily from Cambodia. Districts that have geographical borders with high HIV prevalence areas are at risk of sudden waves of infection and should be targetd with HIV prevention resources accordingly.

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