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Dự án VAAC-US.CDC tuyển cán bộ quản lý và điều phối việc cải tiến phòng xét nghiệm HIV

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VAAC-US.CDC project is the collaboration project between Ministry of Health in Vietnam and Human Health Service- USA. We are looking for candidate for the following position:

Management and coordination of the improvement HIV laboratory officer

Duty Station: Hanoi
Status: Short-term (01 year, may be extended depending on the new phase of project cycle)

Gross salary: Grade 8 Step 2, equivalent to 12.501 USD/year

Job description

* Basic function of position

-  Supporting the Leader of VAAC and VAAC-US.CDC for implementing effectively activities, obtaining given objectives of the program;

-  Supporting the Leader of VAAC and VAAC-US.CDC in planning, implementing and quality assurance for HIV testing activities.

-  Managing and executing activities of the program as planned and assigned.

* Major tasks and responsibilities:

1. Management and coordinate of HIV và CD4, VRL testing activities (50%).

- Under the direction of supervisor, coordinating with Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) to develop master and detailed plans to support for the HIV/AIDS laboratory system in Vietnam, including HIV/AIDS diagnosis and treatment follow-up; quality management system; coordinating with CDC Vietnam, medical system stakeholders (domestic and international) to support for the HIV/AIDS laboratory system according to directions from VAAC master plans ;

- Supervising implementation, disbursement, quality and effectiveness of the activities.   Defining needs, planning, organizing domestic and overseas training courses on capacity building for the staffs working in laboratories for HIV/AIDS diagnosis and treatment follow-up. Participating in equipment procurement to upgrade capacity for lab facilities. Reviews technical communications issues related to project implementation.  Provides feedback to staffs to ensure a full understanding of activities supported by CDC’s cooperative agreements and related activities. 

- Providing technical assistance, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of testing quality at VAAC-US.CDC lab sites.

2.  QMS (20%):

- Developing and implementation the plan for QMS forward to standards of ISO, guidelines, training packages and organizing of training for staff,  organization of QA, TA trips.

- Collaborates with other CDC/VAAC-US.CDC experts on the design of implementation strategies based on the latest techniques and knowledge in the areas of laboratory testing and laboratory quality management system; 

3. LIS and Other (30%):

- Coordinate with IT departement to implementation LIS plan of project

- Plans, oversees, monitoring and supervision capacity building for the laboratory system related to HIV/AIDS under VAAC-US.CDC Project for National Programs. This work will include development, modification, and/or adaptation of appropriate guidelines, standards and laboratory techniques to build up the capacity of the HIV/AIDS related laboratories under VAAC-US.CDC Project.  Works closely with MOH, other NGO project coordinators to ensure that implementation, monitoring and reporting are carried out correctly and in a timely manner. 

- Assists supervisor in planning, summarizing and reporting of the laboratory related issues.  Translates and verifies translations of documents from English to Vietnamese and vice versa. Other tasks assigned by Project Director.

- Assisted Section chief to prepare mid-term and final reports. Assist Section chief and VAAC in planning, implementing and coordinating activities related to HIV/AIDS diagnosis and treatment laboratory (CD4 testing, HIVDR, Viral Load, QMS) and other activities.


- Nationality: Vietnamese

- Graduated from university with major medical doctor, biotechnology, other Public Health or higher (preference at postgraduate level and training in foreign countries;

- At least 01 year experience working in projects related to HIV/AIDS;

- Experience to build planning and technical guidance have related to field of biological assays

- Knowledge software in laboratory and prevention program; 

- Knowledge about HIV/AIDS and health system in Vietnam.

- Fluency in English in communication, writing reports, designing project activities and Good ability to read and understand English document, presentation and problem solving related to the field.

- Excellent at office software (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, statistics analysis related to research and epidemiology: Epiinfo, SPSS….)

- Ability to work independently and within a team, ability to go to 28 project sites.

- Experience in working for projects

Applicant document (Hard-copy)

- Application Form

- Curriculum Vitae.

- Copy of Birth Certificate, Identity card.

- Copy of Qualifications, certificates.

- Copy of Medical Certificate.


Please send your application no later than January  20th  2018  to:

VAAC-US.CDC Project, 16th floor, Room 16.17

Tong Cuc Dan So Building, No 8 Ton That Thuyet, My Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam


-  Applications are due January  20th  2018  . However, please note that due to the urgency to fill the position, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and interviews may be conducted before the closing date.

 Please submit a one-page cover letter, maximum three-page CV/resume, and three references with current email addresses and telephone numbers to our above address.

-  We will inform you before contacting your references.

-  Please do not contact by phone.

-  About VAAC-US.CDC Project: for additional information, please visit:

-  http://vaac.gov.vn/hoptac/List/?userkey=Du-an-VAAC-CDC-HIVQUAL

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